Emotional /spiritual points

Needling the face can facilitate emotional and spiritual healing in a way that cannot always be accomplished through body points.Lillian Bridges refers to facial acupuncture as'trauma work'.All the grief ,loss, frustration,disappointment and fear suffered by humans can become etched on the skin on their face.When the face is treated, it will relax; tension caused by overusing muscles is released.By treating the face, we can treat the habitual expressions associated with emotions and therefore affect the spirit of the person.Initially patients may have come for cosmetic concerns, but as the tension is released in their forehead or jaw they become more relaxed in themselves.Treating the face and neck can allow the mind to rest so the qi of the Heart and other organs can follow freely.
.Dicang ST-4(Earth Granary):Harmonises one's relationship with food,calms neediness and reduces oral fixations; useful when there is a sense that nothing is enough.
.Zanzhu BL-2(collect bamboo):This point is appropriate for someone who is unable to look inwards to see themselves clearly on a psychophysical level; it calms the mind and relaxes the nervous system, allowing for introspection.It is especially powerful when used with Yintang M-HN-3.
.Yangbai GB-14(Yang White):This point provides clarity when the patient needs encouraging into action, when they have a plan but are failing to move on.
.Sizhukong SJ-23(Silk Bamboo Hollow):Meeting point of the Small Intestine,Gall Bladder and San jiao channels.This point helps the patient to see and listen without the need for the approval of others.Pairing this point with Yangbai GB-14 and Zanzhu Bl-2 Can enable a patient to see what changes they need to make and provide the clarity and direction to act accordingly.
Entry-exit points
Entry-exit points on the face can help people who are stuck behind a thought...they help the patients to reframe the conclusions they have drawn about who they are and how life is.if the qi flow in our face is blocked and we do not or cannot express an emotion with our face, we will not be able to feel it fully, if at all.According to the Su Wen,'in order to make all acupuncture thorough and effective one must first cure the spirit.There are six entry-exit points on the face.
.Tinggong SI-19(Listening Palace):The Small Intestine relationship with the Heart defines the ability to hear what one's(or another's)Heart is saying.I have found this point to be effective when a patient is having difficulty sorting out what is good for them.
.Jingming BL-1(Eyes Bright):The eyes reflect the quality of the Jing(essence) and Shen;imbalance is suggested if a patient's eyes are dull, if it is difficult to connect with them, or they appear overly tired.Jingming BL-1 is indicated for patients whose mind gets in the way of contemplation, who are stuck in thinking; it allows communication between the conscious and unconscious and allows the radiance of the Heart to illuminate the mind.
.Erheliao SJ-22(Harmony Bone):Harmonises the Small Intestine,Gall Bladder and San Jiao channels.Useful for patients driven to pursue inappropriate connection in an attempt to experience intimacy or warmth.
.Tongziliao GB-1(Orbit Bone):Helps to drain heat caused by mental and emotional frustration.
.Chengqi ST-1(Receive Tears):Opens the stomach channel to allow us to 'digest'emotional experiences.
.Yingxiang LI-20(Welcome Fragrance):Odours can be tied to old memories and emotions, which we may or may not be aware of.Opening up the channels between Large Intestine and the Stomach allows a patient to process these old emotions.In the case of these points,this may involve crying to fully grieve a loss.