• Dancing and Health – Research

    Dancing and Health – Research

    Dancing and Health : A 2003 study reported that of a range of physical (swimming, cycling, dancing) and mental (reading,…

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  • The  Unique  Aspects  of  Diagnosing  and  Treating  the  Face  in  Chinese  Medicine

    The Unique Aspects of Diagnosing an

    Facial Acupuncture holds potential as a way into the Heart (Shen), the interior of the individual, People may come for…

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  • Mfofascial  anatomy

    Mfofascial anatomy

    The muscles of the face are thinner and smaller than most muscles in the body.They can be fragile and difficult…

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  • Facial  skin  and  Vascular  system

    Facial skin and Vascular system

    The skin on the face differs from the skin elsewhere on the body. The top layer of the facial skin(the…

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  • Emotional /spiritual points

    Emotional /spiritual points

    Needling the face can facilitate emotional and spiritual healing in a way that cannot always be accomplished through body points.Lillian…

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  • Ageing and Old Age

    Ageing and Old Age

    .The proportion of people over sixty is growing faster than any other age group in almost every country in the…

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  • Ageing and exercise

    Ageing and exercise

    As for the back, it is the palace of that which is in the chest.When the back is curved and…

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  • Ageing  and  diet

    Ageing and diet

    After people live to (their) 60s or 70s, both their essence and blood are consumed.Even though their life is normal…

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  • Music  and  healing

    Music and healing

      To cast off worry there is nothing better than music. Original Tao,4th century BCE When griping grief the heart…

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